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Core Skills Training (British Council)

The British Council is championing six core skills to help prepare young people for life and work in a globalised economy, by offering professional development opportunities to teachers to embed these skills in the curriculum.

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  • Improved professional knowledge and skills.
  • Improved confidence in their ability to plan and deliver core skills teaching.
  • Use physical/virtual networks to develop best practice.

Teachers support their students to develop core skills

  • Young people demonstrate enhanced knowledge, understanding and skills for work in a global economy
  • Young people contribute responsibly to society, locally and globally.

4 Day Training

(1 Day Introductory & 3 Day In-Depth) for Teachers 24 – 26 July 2017 (Day 1 – 3) & 23 Oct 2017 (Day 4) SMK Pandamaran Jaya.

Creativity & Collaboration (focus on ‘literacy development’, one of MCII”s core areas).

24 language teachers (Standard 1 or 2) from 12 primary schools.

1 week before

  • Collect baseline data

Day 1 Intro to Core Skills

  • Homework: think of idea for project

Day 2 & 3 Creativity & Imagination

  • Pedagogical approaches to encouraging students’ creativity
  • Draft action plan (incorporating ‘Creativity’ & ‘Literacy’)

Next 10 weeks

  • Remote support by trainer
  • Implement project

Day 4 Creativity & Imagination

  • Action Plan sharing session, findings & lessons learnt

Post training

  • Professional learning circles