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SOLS Smart

Google apps training & online resources training.

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SMK Pandamaran Jaya & SMK Idris Shah

20 School Teachers



24 Hours

Google Apps Training

Online Resources Training



3 Assessments

SOLS 247 & MCII Monitor



Gain more knowledge and ideas online

Be more efficient in the classroom

GCE 1 Certification

Outcomes & Impact

Program Impact (based on Pre & Post assessment)

  • Teachers’ understanding of and ability to use Google apps & online resources increased by 50.8% within 4 sessions, from 12% to 62.8%
  • Average attendance rate of 77.5%. 75% of the participants completed the full course.
  • 100% of the participants who completed the program suggested they would attend similar programs.
  • 87.5% of participants believes that the tools learnt will aid current classroom activities.
  • 92% of teachers believe that the skill they learnt will directly benefit the classroom.
  • 100% positive rating on the usefulness and relevance of the program.