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International group specializing in LMS and Visual Communication.


Public Listed
Public listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) 1st section.

20 Years Experience
20 years experience in the LMS market with International clientale.

Technical Partner
Technical partner to MCII, LMS Service Provider.

Since 2009
In Malaysia since 2009 LMS launch end of last year, booming enquiries, pioneering in LMS.

Action Plan

LMS Fuction

  • Mass information distribution and sharing
  • Tracking functions
  • Communication function and platform

LMS Objective

  • To allow MCII partners to collaborate efforts into a collective force.
  • To provide a eco system for content development (Education).
  • Check and balance between various sources and parties to enhance content.

LMS Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Reporting available for KPI or Feedback checking


  • To stimulate e-learning growth in Malaysia
  • To provide a platform for collective ventures
  • To give all Malaysian an easy to use platform for e-education.