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Who We Are

Established in 2015, Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative (MCII) is an education-based NGO that acts as a connector and enabler for schools to improve student outcomes using the collective impact model, focusing on literacy and encouraging an exciting learning environment.

We are a reliable, evidence-driven and relatable education partner.

Our Purpose

There are countless organisations that are working in the education space in Malaysia, all aiming to provide equitable education for all. However, many of us have been working in silos with respective resources, which resulted in limited outreach and impact.

Despite having the same vision, creating and evaluating overall impact have been proven difficult, as initiatives often overlap but consist of different measurements.

MCII is established to consolidate these efforts and improve student outcomes using the collective impact model of structured collaboration and data measurement.

MCII connects and enables entities that share the same vision to combine resources to maximise impact, keeping the beneficiaries and common agenda as the basis of every evidence-driven initiative.

These entities include the education authorities, research institutes, NGOs, social enterprises, corporations, foundations, schools, parents, community leaders and the community.

MCII actively engages the grassroots in a hybrid ‘bottom-up and top-down’ approach to further build purposeful interventions and efforts.

Our Impact

From a multitude of angles, our collective impact has been compounded through our streamlining efforts. Don’t take our word for it, take our numbers.


Whether you’re an individual who wishes to volunteer or an organisation interested in joining our Collective Impact Initiative, fill in the form and we’ll find the perfect opportunity for you to fit right in.

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