How did MCII begin?

Established in 2015, Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative (MCII) is an education-based NGO that acts as a connector and enabler to help schools improve student outcomes using the collective impact model of structured collaboration and data measurement. Our founding members are YTL Foundation, British Council, Prudential, PwC, Credit Suisse, IOI Group, Petrosains, Westports, Hong Leong Foundation and Hap Seng Group.

Our premise is based on a collaborative network of organisations with a shared goal of improving student outcomes by leveraging collective resources and expertise. Through our collective impact approach, we strive to achieve greater results than any one organisation could achieve alone.

Our interventions focus on literacy and encouraging an exciting learning environment.

We are a reliable, evidence-driven, and relatable education partner.



The trusted connector and enabler for systemic impact in education.

Improving student outcome through collective impact model – structured collaboration and data measurement.

Impact Goals


In line with Malaysian Education Blueprint and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Literacy: Students are able to access information and communicate effectively in both English and Bahasa Melayu. Parents and the community are better equipped to support children.

How does
MCII operate?

Steering Committee



Dedicated to guiding the general direction of MCII, the Steering Committee Members assist in the following;

  1. Funding of programmes
  2. Ecosystem support for the backbone of MCII
  3. Strategic planning for MCII’s future projects
  4. Quality assurance and effectiveness of the collective impact initiative

Our partners are the key backbone to the MCII programmes. After thorough evaluations & audits, the steering committee members will select programmes which provide the highest ROI for our communities at large.

We then delegate projects, programmes and tasks to these partners to execute while we ensure all KPI’s and objectives are met.

Our beneficiaries ultimately are our students. MCII has now adopted multiple schools in the Klang district with a focus on schools in the districts of Kapar and Pandamaran.

Our main objective is to improve literacy among students and then equipping them with skillsets that are high in demand to equip them for a 21st century education.

Our Steering Committee Members:

Our Collaboration Partners (Previous & Current):

Meet Our Team

Al-Junaidi Mohamad

Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager

Alia Wahidin

Project Director

Syahmina Sapuan

Sr. Executive